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I’m Trent Heppler, the Author

And I’m giving away a free “digital copy” of my book "The Power Within - A Journey of Change" that will show you how I lost 138 lbs and ran a marathon in 10 months with no surgery, no special diet, and no gym membership. 

The book also reveals secrets I learned about lasting change as I transformed from being morbidly obese (332 lbs).
Ebook - The Power Within a Journey of Change
What's the Catch?
There’s no catch. I’m doing this because sharing the secrets I learned on my journey can help more people transform and elevate their lives - and seeing that change in others brings me incredible joy. 

Additionally, I am testing out this process as a one time study. So when the study's over, "The Power Within - A Journey of Change" will no longer be available for free.
What People are Saying About the Book...

AUTHENTIC AND REAL - 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Of all the diet and exercise books I've read or skimmed, this is by far the best out there. You will not find a more real account of someone's journey. Trent is open and honest in his discovery of self, and hides nothing when relating his journey of weight loss. Anyone who has felt discouraged about losing weight will find new hope and inspiration after reading this thoughtful book. Let's face it, we would rather hear the story from someone who has gone through the process, than someone who has never walked in the shoes of obesity. You will not want to stop reading, and when you do finish, you will come away determined to change your life for the better."

- Sparky, Amazon Reviewer

READ IT, THEN DO IT. - 4.0 out of 5 stars

"We met Trent on a plane. Great guy with a great story for the common person. He is real, the story is real and real people will like it. Nothing in the book is fluffy or ego or grandiose. If only all of us could tap, "the power within." He did."

- Lew Marks, Amazon Reviewer

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"Not motivated by power, money or fame, this true life story details the metamorphosis of a man overcome by food addiction, hard life history, bad habits, and self-isolation, into a man willing to ask for help, admitting his shortcomings, making a plan, holding himself accountable, and ultimately running a marathon and losing 135 pounds in ONE CALENDAR YEAR. Read this true story if you want or need to change your life in any way. Read this book if you are overweight and don't think you have it in you to lose the weight. And study this amazing story carefully for plans, clues and direction to become a different person, a better person, on the inside and the outside. This book is about a one-year journey to find your true self."   

- Natalia Moreno, Amazon Reviewer

HONEST AND INSPIRING STORY - 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Wow. I took a few days to read this book because I wanted to let the ideas in it have time to sink in, although I could have easily read it in one sitting. Trent shares his story in a real, open, honest way. He doesn't gloss over the struggles he had during his journey, yet he leaves the reader with a sense of hope and the idea that what he accomplished could be possible for the reader too.The concept of changing one's physical circumstance, coupled with an emotional and spiritual makeover, is powerful. I found a great sense of encouragement and inspiration in this story. If you want to read something that will inspire you to do great things, read this book."

- Dad, Amazon Reviewer (not Trent's dad)

DOWN TO EARTH AND INSPIRING - 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Thank you for sharing your very personal story. It is one I can relate to - one most people can relate to - as I struggle with my own challenges and personal growth. The photos and videos really compliment the story.This book offers wonderful insight into goal-setting and the unexpected blessings that come from changing just one thing in your life. It is spiritually uplifting and encouraging without being preachy. 
I especially like that it doesn't end with finishing the marathon. Of course that was the goal, and I actually cried at that part, but the chapter near the end about the constant temptations to relapse really touched me. For better or for worse, life goes on after we reach big goals, and I like that those thoughts were addressed ." 

- WackyMom, Amazon Reviewer


"This is not just for losing weight. This is for making major character and spiritual changes most importantly. With the support of church and friends he was able to turn his 3 or 4 decades of habits on their heads. What he did is not easy, but is the way to the happiest way of life attainable - a way to create ones own huge miracle."

- goldwi, Amazon Reviewer

INSPIRING - 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Trent's story is the raw truth about his battle with food addiction. He does not mince words. He shares his story in plain simple honesty that is insightful, touching and motivating. Battling any addiction is a daily fight. His inner desire helped him get started on his journey. Sobriety, support, and accountability were the important keys that he used to build upon his inner desire. Success was his result."

- L PAV, Amazon Reviewer

So just to recap, you’re getting a free “digital copy” of my book, "The Power Within - A Journey of Change," that will show you how I lost 138 lbs in 10 months and transformed from being morbidly obese (332 lbs) to running a marathon. Additionally, I'll reveal the secrets I discovered to ensuring authentic and lasting personal transformation so you can finally stop struggling with depression, fear, procrastination, poor health or just about anything else.  

Simply fill out the form on the top right side of this page and let me know your email address and I’ll send it out right away.
About Trent Heppler
I spent 40 years as the fat guy - developing my fat, funny persona. However, inwardly I was full of fear and depression AND I struggled with habits  I never realized were addictions. As I approached my 40th birthday I knew there was more to me and more to life. I dreamt of running a marathon. I dreamt of being healthy. I dreamt of having deeper relationships. And I knew I needed change. So, I put my trust in the Lord, teamed up with some influential friends and family, and started a journey - a journey of change.

10 months later and 138 pounds lighter I crossed the Foot Traffic Flat marathon finish line and a new life began. During my journey, I discovered the real secret to authentic and lasting change and in so doing, discovered a new me.

I’ve found that sharing this personal transformation and the lessons I learned through my journey inspires and motivates others to change. And watching that transformation in others brings me immense joy.

Fast forward to today: I’ve completed 2 Marathons and a Half Ironman and did it all without surgery, a special diet, or a gym membership.

I am a husband, a father, an author, a speaker, a transformational coach and ultimately - an agent of change. My passion is to help others transform and elevate their lives. 

I am Trent Heppler.
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